Follow your assets in real-time

Continuously measure space and asset usage with Whero sensors to improve asset performance and maintenance.

Easy data-analysis

Everyone can do the job! Do your own analysis and take your business operations to another level based on our localization insights. Whero takes care of all the complex hardware & software for you.

Privacy by design

Privacy matters for us, that is why we use anonymous tracking by design. Let the user decide what to share.


Optimize office space usage with Whero position services

Measure office space efficiency in real-time and discover hotspots and bottlenecks using Whero’s Positioning-as-a-Service. Get to know how employees use your office, and use data to analyse and improve your office based on the needs of employees.

Map in-store customer journeys for Retail Stores

Whero creates a detailed view of every footstep in your store while respecting the customers' privacy. Identify the most travelled paths and extract the most popular zones at department level down to aisle or product category.

Analyze COVID-19 risks and improve safety measurements

Monitor safety of your event or office during COVID-19 crisis. We can accurately measure social dinstances, occupancy rates, travelled paths and many other safety variables. Whero offers a data-driven approach to give you confidence about safety compliance on your workfloor.

Our solution


With our in-house developed sensors we measure locations in real-time with exceptional accuracy.

Managed Data

Focus on your business, not on technology. Whero safely stores locations and movements in our cloud-based data warehouse.

Analysis & Optimisation

Use out-of-the-box data analysis tools provided by the Whero platform to gain insight, such as heat maps or travelled paths.

How does it work?

Our system works on a new technology called Ultra-Wide Band (UWB), which can be seen as ‘indoor GPS’. UWB technology enables extremely accurate positioning down to centimeter level, and is very well scalable to hundreds of tags.

During installation process, we will install the required hardware at your desired location. Our system uses sensors located across the ceiling or high up against walls to cover the floor area. We will provide you the tags or install them for you.

Once the system is up and running, you can start playing with your data in the Whero dashboard. We will provide and support you with all the required tools to analyzing your business!

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